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Stump Grinding

When providing a quotation for felling a tree, stump grinding is always discussed but typically excluded from the quotation, it can be included on request or itemised for your consideration.

The specification for stump grinding is tailored to your requirements, a shallow grind to remove the stump from view is the most cost effective option, alternatively the stump can be ground down to 150mm for grass or small perennials to be planted above the stump. If your budget permits, complete removal is an option, although the cost can often be prohibitive.

When the stump is ground out there is an excess of material which is generated by the grinding process, this mix of soil and wood is low in nutrients and is not suitable as a soil for replacement planting. In some instances the ‘arisings generated by the grinding process’ may be retained in situ to keep the cost at a minimum, alternatives include removal of excess material, incorporating organic matter and top soil into the surrounding soil or removing all of the arisings and importing new top soil.